Jan 29, 2011


It has not snowed in a few days but the streets are still pretty messy and it's freezing! Not that I like to wear them, but the UGG boots are the only thing that keep your feet warm with this weather!

Sweater - H&M
tshirt - H&M
Jeans - Free People
UGG boots
Necklace - Urban Outfitters (old)

Jan 23, 2011

Happy Bday to me!

I have been trying to post more often, but these past weeks have been crazy, so here it is, Friday night's outfit as I walked out the door to have dinner with my friends in Boston. More from last night to come!

Dress from H&M
Shoes from Zara

Jan 16, 2011

Back to Reality

First of all, I would like to apologize for the bad quality and definition of the pictures. Some logistic issues have forced me to use my old Casio camara, but hopefully I will have my NIKON back next month.
I have been on holidays for the past 3 weeks and let me tell you: it has been awesome! Not as much shopping as I would have liked to...but still enough to create a few more post in the next few days.
Enjoy the preview!


Shirt from H&M
Leather skirth from Zara (old)