Dec 30, 2008

The Wooden-Shoe-Land

It is not the first time I visit Amsterdam. I have been around five or six times in my life. However, it was this time when I enjoyed it the most. I have certaintly realized I did not know the city at all, and it came to a point when I noticed my eyes must have been shut during my previous visits. Restaurants, flea markets, night clubs,...the city is so alive that it almost feels like it is greeting you and asking you to stay a bit longer.

One mandatory stop for all of you is the Hotel Arena. You should definately plan one of your evenings around this place: to stay, to dine, to drink and to club! The food is high quality, the service is brilliant and the price is quite affordable. I would strongly recommend the surprise menu. The ambiance is very relaxing: the lights, the music, the furniture, the room...everything is exquisit! After dinner you can "warm up" and have a drink at the cocktail bar and later, hit the dance floor at the club, which is an old church refurbished.

Flea Markets are one of the bestest features of the city. You can't get enough!I would say, besides London, Amstedam might be one of the biggest vintage culture communities in Europe. It is amazing how Versace's, Gucci's, Chanel....everything lies on dirty old blankets like people have forgotten about them. Fur coats, military jackets,...I have never wanted so many things at the same time. Definately worth it!

One of my fav part of the day was breakfast. Next to the market, we found a NY Bagel café! Best bagels I have ever had! even the ones from NYC were not as good as these! Check Gary's Muffins out.

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