Jan 19, 2009

Vampire Mania

Who has not succumbed yet to the Twilight saga books?

I have. I read them all in less than 2 weeks! I was so hooked up I could not stop reading, not even at 4am in the morning.

However, now that they Twilight madness is gone, and we will have to wait for the New Moon movie next summer…what do we read now?

Well, if you are into vampire stories, I’d like to recommend you a few books/TV Shows that might suit you and hook you up as Twilight did.

First, if you have finished reading all the four Twilight books and can’t get enough of Edward and the Cullen family, I would definitely check out the unpublished manuscript of the Twilight version from Edward’s point of view: “Midnight Sun”. It was written by Stephanie Meyer and, even though it was never published, they used it when shooting the movie. What happened? Someone published it online without Stephanie’s consent so she decided not to finish it and it has been posted on her website and although you cannot print it or change format of the file, you can save it on your computer and read it:


It is quite interesting because, even though it is the same story, it tells you things you did not see when reading Bella’s version.

When I was in the US this summer, they were advertising a TV show called True Blood. I did not get a chance to watch it while I was there and it has not been even shown here on the Spanish TV. The first season has just finished in the US, and if you have US cable, you can watch it on HBO. The TV show is based on Charlaine Harris books, Sookie Stackhouse vampire Stories. Sookie is a waitress from a small town called Bon Temps. Vampires are exposed now, since a Vampire Amendment has been approved and they are protected. A new type of drink, called True Blood, has been launched. It is synthetic blood to avoid vampires’ killing sprees. One day, a vampire shows up for the first time at Sookie’s bar and Sookie and him start to talk….The first book is called “Dead till Dark” check it out!

There is another TV show you might like. It is called Moonlight and the first season is already available on DVD.

And last, but not least…I have not read this yet, I just bought it though. It is called “Touch the Dark” from Karen Chance. Kassandra Palmer can read minds and communicate with the dead. However, a vampire who tried to kill her in the past crosses her path once more… I will let you know if I like it or not.

And of course…the classics! Interview with the vampire and “The Historian”.


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