Jan 11, 2009

Who said we were in recession?

Christmas is over, and as many people take out the decoration that we reluctantly set up every year and throw away the tree, the retail industry puts a smile on its face. This year, sales have arrived earlier than expected. Entire families queue in front of their favorite stores, or just the ones that have the best discounts. It does not matter if they find their size, the color or even the clothes they were looking for: it is cheaper, and therefore, they buy it.
However, some stores have kept their sales discounts in the shadows for a bit longer. Inditex has decided not to participate on the early sales campaign that has been promoted in Spain. While we all were making our last minute Christmas shopping as we stepped in crowded stores, Oysho, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear and some of their sisters left an image of desolation and emptiness. Not for a long time tho, we just have to wait a bit longer!
I happened to visit a few Zara & Massimo Dutti stores yesterday. Although most people thought that by the time Inditex opened its doors everybody would have already done all their after Christmas shopping, they were wrong. Although most of the items were gone by the time I got to the stores, only big sizes, unpaired shoes and half business suits that were missing either the blazer or the trousers were left. Yet, the queues were never ending. It was impossible to either get in or out. People starting to surrender left their precious achievements on the counters and tables of the store which was seen as an opportunity by desperate buyers to find what they were looking for, or just give another heart attack to their credit cards.
The danger about the after Christmas sale is that we buy what we do not need. Shoes - I don’t need them, but it is a bargain!. We overspend, and the January hill is deeper than ever. Just bear in mind that most of the stores, as I noticed yesterday, are already brining in their new season collections. Be aware that in a month or so, you will be on a spring shopping spree again, and therefore, will create a black hole in your bank account difficult to cover.

What to buy during sales then? The best option would be to go for timeless "achats" such as jeans, basic t-shirts, shirts and, moreover, suits. If you have a size that almost never gets sold out, wait a few days since many stores add further discounts as days go by. A good tip is to not bring your credit card with you: leave it at home. If you normally carry around all your credit and debit cards in your wallet, make sure you just take one with you. It is a good way to put the break on.

These are some clothes and shoes I bought during sales on the past few days:

Shoes: Zara
Ankle boots: H&M
Belt: Accessorize

Skirt: H&M
Handbag: Hazel


  1. Pues en rebajas he picado demasié pero me lo merecía, que con este barrigón hacía mucho que no me daba caprichos!


  2. Qué va, nena, yo este año ni Bread&Butter ni Madrid ni nada de nada, que estoy a punto de dar a luz!