Apr 29, 2009

It's been a while!

It's been a while….I know! Work's a bit crazy at the moment, I've changed work location and my schedule’s been upside down for a while…But I have forced myself not to finish what I started as a project with lots of enthusiasm and here I am...

So…here’s what I’ve been up to…. And More to Come!

I had the pleasure to see Vega presenting her new Album last night at Moby Dick, Madrid.

She has gone through a whole “Metamorphosis” since her first album and it's been for good definately!

Her style, her voice and songs that come from own experiences captivated everybody last night without exception! Fans, friends and work colleagues from her label where there to support her.

DO go to the nearest music store and make sure you get her new album "Metamorfosis", a MUST for your iPod!

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