Jul 26, 2009

Welcome back Y'all!

After almost a week and a half in Birmingham, Alabama, I have to say I'm extremely surprised by the way people treat us here. They are not only polite and friendly, but also curious about the Spanish culture, always asking questions, as if we were coming from a different era. So far, the balance has been very positive.
The thing I found most shocking is that there are no sidewalks here...no wonder why they start driving when they are 16. (I did not realized when I was in Chicago, or NYC, cuz public transportation/taxis are everywhere).
The best thing about being in the US is that we are getting to try food that I had never tried while being at home. Kobe beef, typical Alabama Lobster, and yesterday we had the most amazing sushi I have ever had at a place called Kobe Japanese very close to our hotel.

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